Jack Dermody – the artist formerly known as John Dermody – plays the accordion to achieve personal sanity and, when he’s lucky, to entertain a few people to watch their feet tap and lips move in recognition of old songs. He unashamedly believes that Lawrence Welk had the right idea to put an accordion in front of a whole orchestra and then deliver music that sparkled – every single time. The accordion has brought Jack some of life’s best memories like helping the great jazz accordionist Alice Hall run the Friends of the Accordion (FOTA) organization in the Los Angeles area, mentoring a few young people to play their hearts out at the Accordion Federation of North America (AFNA), producing some wild and crazy Oktoberfests, playing in a community orchestra, getting to see and hear some of the world’s amazing musicians in action, and being lucky enough to move to Arizona and discover a magical accordion organization. – the Arizona Accordion Club!
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