I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1954 and started taking guitar lessons when I was 8 which was the time the Beatles became popular and every kid wanted to play the guitar. After a few months of that, my Dad got a small accordion for me from a relative in North Dakota while we were on vacation. No more guitar, now I had to learn the accordion. Great! As if I wasnt geek enough already because my Dad made me put Bryl cream in my hair and comb it back, now when all the other kids were playing the guitar with their hair hanging in their eyes, I had to play the accordion. The next 10 years were hell. Between the kids teasing me and having to practice, Im not sure what was worse.

I played my first paying job at the age of 13 and got my first Cordovox at the age of 16. During high school I played for private parties and after high school I went on the road. I played Cordovox and keyboards with many different types of groups and learned a lot about the music business.

I moved to Arizona in 1982 and have continued to play music by performing at most of the senior facilities around town. Even though I play the accordion, I never refer to myself as an accordion player. I consider myself a very good entertainer who happens to play the accordion. I enjoy playing many different types of music but mostly I like to play polkas. I am a very relaxed player and Im quite content with my level of playing. I think my playing ability falls somewhere between a beginner and the worlds best. That should narrow it down! I love what I do and I enjoy sharing it with others.
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