A Warm Hello To Everyone!

I'm John Cesinger. My parents emigrated from Germany in the mid-1920s and settled and married in Chicago, Illinois where I was born and raised except for 2 years. During 1938-39, I lived in a small town near Marburg, Germany. At age 3 1/2, I began learning to play a 8 bass piano accordion.

A few years later I graduated to a 48 bass, Instrument, and at about 8 years old, I was playing a full 120 bass piano accordion. I received accordion training until age 13 when my parents moved to an Iowa town bordering the Mississippi River. My prior musical training was rewarded when I was hired to teach the accordion at a local music store. By the age 15 I was playing in a country/western band and also performing solo engagements and concerts. This continued during my undergraduate college days.

However, upon entering graduate school I gave up the accordion and did not play at all for 42 years until about 5 years ago. During the past 5 years I received about 3 years of training from Maestro Anthony Galla-Rini in California before recently moving to the Phoenix Arizona area. Also during this time I played regularly at an Austrian-style restaurant and gigged Oktoberfest, private parties, dances, senior citizen groups, weddings and anniversaries, and ethnic organizations.

I play and enjoy all genre of music either as acoustic, Midi, or in combination through the use of several different accordions. My mainstay instrument is a brand new handmade concert model, rhinestone decorated Petosa that is an acoustic and amplifiable tone-chambered accordion.
I hope you all hare my view that music is mankind's universal language gifted us from God. We should enjoy it to the fullest!
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